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What does a punchy writer really do?


Clients ask. We deliver.

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Over the years, Copy Kinetics has worked with all types of clients — from outstanding creative agencies and huge global corporations to sophisticated marketing consultants, growing businesses and worthy nonprofits.


Although each project and situation is different, it's likely your needs are similar to those expressed by other clients:

  • “This has the basic information, but it doesn't really persuade anyone to call us. We really need your help!”
  • “Grab donors with something really provocative and convey the impact of what we do so they are compelled to give generously.”
  • “We need strong creative concepts — headlines and accompanying images. And if there isn't something off-the-wall in there, the client will be disappointed.”
  • “Here's the assignment, deadline, sources and contact info. Go ahead, set up the interviews and get the story approved.”
  • “Please proof and fix the spelling, grammar and punctuation so we don't look stupid.”
  • “It's all we can get from the client. You'll need to make a silk purse out of a sow's ear.”
  • “If I just talk through what we're trying to say, can you come up with something?”
  • “Help us to develop interview questions that we can use to get the right information.”
  • “Here's the creative brief with the objectives, brand messages and reasons to believe. When can you interview our client's subject matter expert?
  • “Help us craft the most relevant, persuasive messages for each of our audiences.”
  • “Can you take all this information, this data dump, and make sense out of it?”
  • “We need you to guide us in what we should be saying and the best way to organize it.”
  • “Can you just punch it up?”